Canada kalder - CSLA inviterer til diskussion om træer

AKTUELT / 16.06.20

Foto: Træplantning ved Herning Museet / Angli-fabrikken. Fotograf: Ole Mouritsen.

The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects er på jagt efter artikler der diskuterer træer

We often think of Arborists when considering the management of our trees and forests, but in reality, there is a range of people and professions, not to mention perspectives, to consider.  In fact, there is a whole forest of them – Arborists (who manage our urban trees), Ecologists (who help us make more meaningful connections with our natural environment), Landscape Architects (who design our built environments and coordinate planting plans and details around utilities and infrastructure), Foresters (who take a more systemic look at trees as specimens within a broader forested system), and potentially even those involved in the implementation of landscapes (as they can share tales of how the plans changed mid-construction, and how they improvised or were restricted somehow).  And there are likely others – those who work at the intersection of these disciplines, for a more enriched perspective.

There are many important discussions to have about trees and our forest canopy.  We would like to open that discussion up for the Winter 2020 issue of Landscapes I Paysages, by inviting CSLA members and other interested parties to submit articles to discuss a range of areas around the subject of trees.

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Linjer i Landskabet, Aakirkeby / RUBOW Arkitekter

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