H22 Summit i Helsingborg

AKTUELT / 22.10.19

Foto: H22 Summit 2019, Facebook.

The making of A Smarter City. Konference 5.-6. november 2019 i Helsingborg

Konferencen H22 Summit er en af tre konferencer frem mod 2022, hvor H22 afholdes i Helsingborg. Konferencen i november 2019, H22 Summit, fokuserer på bæredygtig og innovativ byplanlægning, der forbedrer livskvaliteten for beboerne. Selve konferencen har tre fokusområder: ”Designing urban safety”, ”Making public places” og ”Reinventing city Governance”.

Designing urban safety

We know that the feeling of security is the bellwether of a healthy society, so how can we create sustainable safety solutions for a transforming future? Be there to experience an interactive look at the future of public safety design that is thrillingly hopeful. From crime-fighting lightning to a new direction on cooperative safety, we have summoned the movements and mindsets emerging today.

Making public spaces

What does it take to construct public places where people want to be, thinking not as an urban planner, but as a citizen, to enhance both productivity and livability of cities? We look for answers to the question of what a sustainable public space looks like and search for new viewpoints on the role of urban areas in a rapidly evolving future.

Reinventing city governance

The city is the most complex human system there is, yet its governance is where we sometimes find the most traditional kinds of technology. The time is right for a new direction in city development. We’re inventing city governance for a rapidly evolving world of smart cities, in a variety of events, talks and activities aiming to inspire and tell the story about how cities gain power over their own governance.

Se det fulde program her.

Tid: 5.-6. november 2019.
Sted: Helsingborg, Sverige.
Pris: €50 ekskl. moms. Tilmelding her.

Tornhøj Kickstarter, Aalborg / Marianne Levinsen Landskab

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