International Landscape Day 2021

AKTUELT / 13.10.21

Foto: The European Landscape Convention

Den femte udgave af International Landscape Day of the Council of Europe fejres den 20. oktober. Den internationale landskabsdag skal fremhæve, hvordan at landskaber er en væsentlig del af alles kulturarv, identitet og trivsel

The International Landscape Day of the Council of Europe is celebrated on the day of the opening of the European Landscape Convention for signature.

The purpose of International Landscape Day is to highlight that landscapes are an essential part of everyone’s cultural heritage, identity, well-being as well as the quality and diversity of our living environment.

By taking into account the value of landscapes, with their natural and human components, the Council of Europe acknowledges that the landscape is an important part of the quality of life for people everywhere: in degraded areas as well as in areas of high quality, in areas recognised as being of outstanding beauty as well as everyday areas.

This year’s theme will address different perspectives of “Landscape integration in sectoral policies”, and represents an important contribution to the implementation of the Council of Europe’s objectives.

Noma 2.0, København / Thing Brandt Landskabsarkitekter

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