Reimagining the spaces in between

AKTUELT / 29.06.20

Foto: Reimagining the spaces in between

World Landscape Architecture inviterer til Idékonkurrence for studerende

We have seen unprecedented change in the way we live due to the impact of COVID-19 across the world bringing many countries to a standstill. The virus has made people and communities realise the value open space including streets, parks, rivers. These spaces in between buildings offer the greatest opportunity to reimagine how we live and move in our cities. As cities are now reopening and planning to make temporary and long-term changes providing the opportunity to create, test and provide solutions for how we live in our communities, towns and cities.

World Landscape Architecture (WLA) is proud to organize this international student ideas competition to provide the opportunity for students to reimagine the spaces in between buildings and address the various issues of COVID-19 and to develop ideas that provide safe, inclusive, and equitable spaces for everyone.

The competition challenge is to redesign an area in a fictional city and develop ideas and solutions that encompass the following:

  • Spaces for the residents and visitors (including all stakeholders – residents, workers, tourists, etc)
  • Provide movement and transport for people.
  • Develop ideas that address economic, environmental, and social issues.
  • Retain all buildings and maintain the building setback (yellow dashed line).
  • Only design the area within the “Design Competition Boundary” shown on the base plan.

Entrants should review the fictional city information provided and use this as the basis informing your process and design.

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Ny Foreningsvej, Klitmøller / Labland Architects

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