Urban Open Space Governance and Management

AKTUELT / 11.05.20

Forsidefoto: Urban Open Space Governance and Management. Udgivet på forlaget Routledge.

Märit Jansson og Thomas B. Randrup er aktuelle med en ny bog

Märit Jansson (SLU) og Thomas B. Randrup (SLU) har netop udgivet værket Urban Open Space Governance and Management på forlaget Routledge.

Forlaget skriver:

“This edited volume defines and compares central aspects of governance and management related to urban open spaces (UOSs) such as long-term management, combined governance and management and strategic management of UOSs. Perspectives such as ethical considerations, user participation and changes in local governmental structures frame the governance and management of UOSs. Jansson and Randrup create a comprehensive resource detailing global trends from framing and understanding to finally practising UOS governance and management. They conclude by promoting positive changes, such as proactive management and strategic maintenance plans to encourage the creation of more sustainable cities.

Illustrated in full colour throughout, this book is an essential read for students and academics of landscape architecture, planning and urban design, as well as those with a particular interest in governance and management of UOSs.”

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Solrødgård Klima- og Miljøpark, Hillerød / GottliebPaludan Architects

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