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AKTUELT / 06.01.15

MFO-Park Zurich & Landscape furniture

The MFO-Park is a public park in Neu-Oerlikon, Zurich, built on the former area of the engine factory “Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon”, which gave the park its name.

The park, which covers an area of 96,875 ft², is characterized by its modern and unusual design. The large “Park-Haus” is a double-walled construction covered by a trellis, a “Treillage” open on 3 sides in a manner reminiscent of ancient garden design and covered with plants. The large hall space is broken up by four plant-covered wire chalices. The water basin planted with irises is located in a sunken area. The spaces between the double walls are dotted with staircases, covered walls, and projecting loggias. The sun deck high up on the roof offers a view over northern Zurich.

The modular furniture system Landscape by BURRI comprises 5 different types of furniture and was especially developed for the MFO-Park by Designer Frédéric Dedelley. The modularity enables individual and diverse responses to specific room conditions.

The MFO-Park accommodates a number of different activities. Major events including open-air movies, theatre, concerts, among many others are possible. The Baroque park theatre with clipped hedges is worth mentioning at this point. Small silent garden rooms with a view into the hall are created in the spaces between the walls, just like opera boxes for reading, loving or dreaming.

Do you plan to visit the MFO-Park or Zurich? We will be happy to welcome you in our production nearby, please contact us.

More information: MFO-Park ZurichLandscape furniture and BURRI 

Terra Incognita, Trondheims Mindested / Marianne Levinsen og Anders Krüger

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