Landskab 3

AKTUELT / 10.05.21

Forside: Fredensborg Slotshave, 2018. Foto: Carsten Ingemann

Flot temanummer om slotshaver er udkommet

Landskab nr. 3 2021 er et temanummer, der tager os med på en tidsrejse gennem 400 års slotshavekunst og dens seneste udvikling.

” Det kræver en visionær forvaltning, som nytænker havernes historiske og stedbundne fortællinger gennem restaureringsstrategier, der ikke bare værner om, men også aktiverer, værdierne i haverne.

– Skriver Christina Capetillo i sin leder Slotshavernes fortællinger (pdf), hvor du også får et overblik over dette nummers indhold.

Landskab nr 3 udkom den 7. maj.

Issue #3/2021 of our magazine Landskab is out! / Palace Garden Stories

The theme of this issue is palace and castle gardens. The Danish Agency of Culture and Palaces manages and oversees about 500 hectares of gardens in Denmark that are either part of our national cultural heritage or important works of landscape architecture, green public spaces or local recreational areas.

Read the passionate contributions about challenges and potentials in planning and safeguarding the listed elements and contexts while also integrating the contemporary use and perceptions of the gardens.

‘How does one conserve something that is, by definition, always like never before?’ asks Christine Waage Rasmussen, who calls palace gardens works in motion.

As a reader, one is touched by the commitment and professional insight that shine through in the stories about palace gardens: how nature promotion is a goal in the management of palace gardens and about current climate adaptation projects in Frederiksberg Garden and Søndermarken. About planting plans and a site plan from 1869 that were key for enhancing the expression of picturesque park in the landscape garden that is part of Frederiksborg Castle Gardens.

About the kitchen garden at Graasten Palace, which opened in the summer of 2020 in an expanded form – now with organic growing and a focus on accessibility and the involvement of local volunteers.

You can read about the authenticity value of trees in the avenue structures of baroque gardens and learn about life-prolonging rejuvenation pruning and about the search for historical clones of lime trees for the 9 kilometres of avenues in Fredensborg Palace Gardens.

Read about Amalie Garden and the ten ground rules that have guided the past two years’ work and which have resulted in a more mature and balanced form and aesthetic expression, so that the garden is ready for its fortieth anniversary in four years’ time. Learn about at-risk trees and day-to-day garden management and the indispensable role of both digital and analogue tools in the establishment of the palace gardens’ tree register.

In short: a journey in time through four centuries of landscape architecture in palace gardens right up to the latest developments in this field.

You can buy the issue here: The Architect´s Shop



Plads til lyset – Solnedgangspladsen, Gammel Skagen / Kristine Jensen Landskab & Arkitektur

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